Dog portraits

Here is a selection of dog portraits I have created for my clients. For each one I have carefully worked on the expressiveness and the look, based on videos, photos and by discussing the dog’s personality with the owner.

The hound, the hunter’s most loyal friend, is nonetheless often gifted with a strong personality. Which makes them an excellent candidate for a portrait, provided the photos are well taken.

To do this, follow a few tips for taking beautiful photos of your dog that give a good impression of the animal and its many details (eyes, coat, paws, etc.).

You can also use professional coloured pencils to create beautiful portraits of your dog.

More fragile in the long term, they need to be framed and protected from the sun behind a frame with UV glass.

However, coloured pencil portraits are still an economical alternative to oil painting. They don’t require any special varnish, and the support remains fairly simple (a sheet of paper).

Celco (a Shiba dog) is the dog of Belgian singer Celien Hermans.

At the request of my community, I’m imagining more artistic collections around dogs and cats, based on sketches in a ‘Japanese’ style.

You can find them on my website in my online shop.