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May 2023

    The original artist versus artificial intelligence.

    New technological societies are transforming the world as we know it. We had vaguely felt some tremors that hinted at a change in the future, but few if any artists had seen the tsunami that is currently sweeping through the art world. This tsunami is artificial intelligence.

    These new image-generating algorithms are evolving at the speed of a galloping horse, leading to fear and distrust among many artists who have already lost a good number of their clients, who prefer to use images created by AI, which are faster and cheaperFaced with this progress that is beyond us, groups are forming to oppose these image creation programmes and to demand the implementation of legislation to regulate their use.

    Image created in less than 15 seconds and for free thanks to the Wonder application.

    I don’t know yet how to react to this wave of technology, but I think that opposing these algorithms is not wise, better to try to tame them because whether we like it or not, they will develop and become new tools in our daily lives, just like electricity, computers, or the car.

    We will have to rethink our jobs as visual artists, and learn to use AI to stimulate and transcend our creativity. I myself was using technical tools long before the arrival of this technology. I take pictures of my paintings as I work. This allows me to play with the shadows, the tints directly on the photos and then to retranscribe on the painting the best renderings.

    An example of testing shades with photos taken from my phone:

    And even if an AI can assemble millions of pixels to create a beautiful portrait of your dog, it will never replace a painting spread out on a canvas, the love and emotion that the artist has put into each brushstroke and that you can feel with your fingertips. Human” art will, in my opinion, retain its aura of “exceptional product”.

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